Monday, December 26, 2016


MAN guys I don't have the most time to email, but I just want you all to know this is the best time of year. Christmas is great. It's a chance for us to remember the wonderful gift our Heavenly Father has given us, his son Jesus Christ. This is the best Christmas I've ever had because I've been able to focus on sharing that message to all those around me. We were able to have a baptism for Lisi, who is a 23 year old girl. She is amazing and has such a strong testimony. She is albino as well so that's pretty neat. So you can definitely say it really was a "white Christmas" hahaha We were also able to go around dropping off little candies to families as well as just eat our hearts out yesterday!

I love you all and love this mission. Merry Christmas everyone!

Elder Mumford

Christmas Eve dinner
Lisi's baptism
And me and some members!

Monday, December 12, 2016


Well everyone.... crazy week this week. We had our Christmas zone conferences and zone parties and we got to watch Finding Dory. Needless to say its the best movie ever. Hahaha I'm not really even sure if it's that good or if it's because we haven't seen movies forever but all our eyes were glued to the screen. We have two baptisms coming up this week so we're excited to have a white Christmas! But anyways I will just send the rest of the stuff in pictures!

Me and my comp went to this place called Shop and Save which looks like a Costco but everything is way expensive, so this is me taking pictures of things I can't afford... haha

Oh and me next to a beach #swag

Monday, December 5, 2016

Not much time so I will just send some pics!
Some members in our ward.
And us just chilling eating coconuts #islandthings

We had the chance to have mission tour this last week and Elder Cardon, a member of the 70, came and we were able to learn from him... man what an amazing experience!

Eating a crab in a bowl
Eating ice blocks on exchanges with my boy Elder Amisone

And new tie #thanksmom