Monday, June 26, 2017

Well everyone...As usual I don't have much time to email but want to send a quick little update. We had one of the coolest things of my mission happen. A new island off the southern coast of Fiji just opened up for missionaries. So we went with the Elders who just recently opened it up making us the 5th and 6th elders ever on the island. The island is like the coolest thing I've ever been a part of. The island is called "Beqa." If you guys want to look it up it has two resorts and 9 koros and is one of the prettiest islands in Fiji! There aren't any roads or cars, just footpaths. Man it was an adventure. We went out and stayed with the two members that are on the island right now and they invited over their families so we could teach them at their house and then we slept on their small living room floor. Such an adventure and it was so much fun, but just such a strong testimony to me that the work is moving forward! Every ear will someday hear this gospel, and here in Fiji it's just one island at a time!

Love you all

Elder Mumford

PRE TRIP fish n chips
And then kind of had a super wet and rainy ride!!!

Cute kid
And great views!

Monday, June 19, 2017


Well guys crazy week this week. We handled transfers, handled the new intake of missionaries, and then handled all the outtake missionaries who are all the missionaries I came to Fiji with. Definitely not the easiest thing I've ever done putting them all on the bus, but hey the work moves on and the church is still true! 

Just one funny story for the week, my companion had a recent convert in his old area who was coming to the temple for baptisms for the dead, so we went, with her and the companionship that is in the area now. We got to the temple and the recent convert brought her baby. The thing is there isn't any daycare or anything in the temple and no workers to watch him so me and my old companion Elder Giacalone took one for the team and babysat in the waiting room while the others did baptisms... hahahah so much fun. He was a handful but definitely practicing those future dad skills hahaha. Honestly just trying to serve people even if it is just free babysitting. haha

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Mumford

Saying goodbye to my bestfriends!!!!

And when in the office we store our snacks in our pocket.... carrots in the pocket #nice

Sunday, June 11, 2017



I got like no time to email as usual. But the week was great. We finished our last round of zone conferences and set transfers for this week! Kind of crazy that all the guys that came to Fiji are going home this week and that I should be going home this week.... But honestly I can say that serving my mission is such a privilege and I am blessed to be able to stay six more weeks!

We finally got to see investigators for the first time in 2 weeks which was great, still progressing with them. The quote I'll leave with you is a quote that a crazy lady told us when we invited her to be baptized into Christ's church. "I'm not a building freak and I'm not a church freak but I'm just a Jesus freak." hahahah so funny, and although I don't agree much at all with her statement because it's true we have to be part of Christ's church here on the earth, however she is on to something. Let's all be Jesus freaks this week. Let's all get excited about anything to do with the Son of God. hahah I love you guys. The church is true!

Love Elder Mumford

Beach last week

There is one Burger King in all of Fiji so we went to it for zone conference! #Blessed

Eating donuts
Me giving Elder Green a "key to his new life" for his twenty first (it's a Fijian thing)
And me doing the dishes for Sister Layton. Mom aren't you proud of me?

Monday, June 5, 2017


Well guys I have like zero time to write anything today. It's been the craziest week ever. I don't even know what's up. But the work is still moving out here in Fiji!

So this week we had two zone conferences. The first one I had to do completely solo because my companion has been in the hospital with a leg infection, so doing a zone conference with a few trainings by myself was definitely a new experience. But President Layton actually did one of the trainings with me which was such a cool experience. Right after that we flew up to the beautiful island of Vanua Levu where 3 of my areas have been and did zone conference up here with the missionaries and have stayed to be here for the District conference for the district up here. Needless to say its been fun and crazy. Having 20 elders all in the same flat for 3 nights.... wow but I survived........ hahah 

Now we are about to catch a flight out west to go and do a zone conference in Nadi and then we are done with this round of zone conferences...... holy cow life is crazy

Spiritual side of things. I got to see nearly all of my recent converts and all of them nearly came to district conference. It was great to see how many of them are doing so well in the church. Two of them even just received the Melchezidech priesthood! Life is crazy but the church is true. I love you all!

Elder Mumford

Monday, May 29, 2017



Just one cool story about how great our one investigator is... His name is Waqa and he has been the absolute most golden person in the world. One night he stayed up the whole night reading the Book of Mormon and the next day he called us in the morning and confirmed with us about church. Just making sure we were coming to church with him... hahah I've never had someone confirm with us about church.  He is the man.

Me eating mexican food #blessed
Greens giant foot

And us going home teaching with like seven people... haha

Monday, May 22, 2017



Well it was a great week this week. No meetings or anything to go to this week, so we just got out there and just pounded the pavement. LOVE IT. Met some way cool people and some way savage people that tossed dogs on us and things but aint no one stopping the work of the Lord. I'll send heaps of pics but I just wanted to tell you about one awesome thing that happened this week.

So in my old area in Suva we taught a guy the whole time I was there named "Joji" this guy is the man. We were honestly just like best friends just always joking around and having fun, and he was such a great investigator. He was always coming to church and all, but the problem was he lived in the same house with his girlfriend who is actually an RM. He lived with her and her family. They probably weren't breaking the law of chastity but he still had to move out first. It takes a while to find places to live here in Suva so it took him a while but three weeks ago he finally moved out. He moved out of his house about right when I came back here to Suva! Since I'm so close I had the opportunity to do his baptismal interview, and could see how ready and excited he was for baptism. And then he actually asked me to perform the ordinance! I was honored. SO on Saturday we both got to get into all white jumpsuits and I got the opportunity to baptize my bestfriend, George Francis. After the baptism I watched him and his girlfriend in tears hugging each other, because now they have started their journey to get sealed together next May! Church is true everyone and I love it! Love you all.. have a great week!

Elder Mumford
Joji"s baptism! #jumpsuit swag
Got down and dirty this week with some muddy rugby
And some mixing cement!!!!
And we had exchanges with the Suva North Zone leaders!
Elder Forbush, my old comp, is the man!

Good eats this week! Me and a pizza

 Me and some girl scout cookies... shout out to     Cassie's package!

 And me and some sheep droppings our mission president got us hahaha
Oh and this is John who kept comparing himself to John the Baptist..... hahah He's the man.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Life is good

Well great week this week. Definitely were busy to say the least. We dealt with all of missionary transfers, all of the missionaries leaving and all of the new missionaries coming in all in a couple days and tried balancing it out with some missionary work in our area.... crazy times but we got everything we needed to get done. I sent Elder Kubera home, one of my past companions... as well as Elder Afatasi, my companion right now. So happy to see them go. Holy cow they were the best missionaries and they were both extended so they definitely earned that day! Oh I also got a new companion named Elder Green! Wow he is the man from Ganola, Utah. We have worked around each other a lot, so we are just excited!!!

Got to go eat burgers with our favorite senior couple in the world the Edmunds! Literally like another mom and dad for us out here.
 Root beer floats with my new comp Elder Green!
And me sending my old comps home!