Monday, January 30, 2017


Yo what's up? Guys as you can tell I'm running out of things to title my emails with so I'm probably just starting to use the word Fiji, because it's the sickest country in the world. Anyways, we had a pretty good week this week. We have been working hard to bring people to church or bring them back to church and we have seen some good success. Two less actives we have been working with came to church the last two weeks in a row and now have both qualified to receive a temple recommend to do baptisms in the temple. So awesome to see people use the gospel of Jesus Christ to change their lives, even if they are already a member. It really does work for everyone.

We have one investigator named Ana, who is a 18 year old girl. We tracted into her and have been working with her for months to help her know that the Book of Mormon is true and she finally got an answer! However her parents are not allowing her to be baptized because they are strong Methodists. Such a bummer. She's asked them three times now, but we are going to hopefully go and ask them this week so we will see what happens. One of my favorite investigators we are teaching are named Ateca and Bulo. These are two 70 year old ladies that we also tracted into as well. They are probably some of the most humble, sweetest ladies I've ever met. I just love being around them. They told us they usually just invite every church into their house to share, but last week some Jehovah Witnesses tried coming over and they just told them "Oh no it's alright we like what we are learning from the Mormons" hahah best thing I've ever heard. They are so humble and accepted a baptismal date yesterday! The work is great, I just love this place, Hope everything is good at home, love you all!

Elder Mumford

Me eating my favorite food Wacipoki!
A selfie while proselyting
 And a cute baby

Monday, January 23, 2017


WHATS UP GUYS Such a great week this week. After one of the toughest weeks I've had for a while last week I just feel so blessed right now it's unbelieveable. We went into the week not having any investigators at church or not very many potentials to help us hit our goal. We just committed to each other to just go the extra mile in every little thing in our missionary work and just see what the Lord could do. We tested the Lord this week and wow did he provide. We had 5 investigators at church and are just moving with some momentum now in the work. Its amazing how much the Lord is willing to bless us if we just push a little harder then we have before! Wow I love this work.
 Pictures- Me and my comp and my District leaders. I love these guys
Putting on our 2017 glasses and moving on to 2017! hahaha

On Saturday we had one of the best opportunities ever. We started working with Brother Vulaono, who was completely less active a few months ago, and got him back to church and he is now living worthy of a temple recommend. We got to go with him and his wife through a session in the temple! This is us and his family outside. Wow it was such a great day!
And then yesterday we did some good old home teaching with him and another ward member after church!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Just a few pics on the week! Sorry not much time but I love you all!

Monday, January 9, 2017


What's up everyone! Hope everyone is doing good at home. The mission is definitely some hard work but man I'm enjoying it just as much as ever. Just a quick shout out to my sister getting married this weekend! MAN what the even... how does that happen Can't believe my little sis will be married before I get home! But so proud of you Brittany!

Well this week was a fun week. I'll be honest mom, I kind of forgot to take pictures..... hahah We just got down to work this week, and kind of forgot about everything else, including taking pictures... sorry bout that! But one of the highlights of the week was one of the exchanges we got to do with some elders in the zone. I went with a brand new elder named Elder Billy who has been here for about a week now, and wow it was a good time. Just a classic day of him having no idea what is happening and then sharing his testimony at the end of lessons. But a lot of things were way different with this exchange just because of who Elder Billy is. Elder Billy is from the country of Papua New Guinea and is from a super small village. His village has no electricity ever, and really not much contact with the outside world. He is the first missionary from his little branch as well as the first from his district. and he is just the man. He is the most humble missionary I've ever met and every time he bore his testimony at the end of lessons you could just feel the spirit pore into the room. I learned so much from him about being humble and just going out to serve the Lord. Its been a great week of hard work, just trying to help others come unto Christ. I love you all. Have a great week!

Elder Mumford

Monday, January 2, 2017


Happy New Years everyone! Way crazy to say that I go home this year...... holy cow its crazy how time flies. We had a good week this week. It was transfers and my companion Elder Kubera got transferred out to the west of Viti Levu! Man I'm going to miss that guy, seriously one of my favorite companions.  Just such a hard worker and taught me heaps. We got our transfer calls, and President has asked me to be the senior companion in this area which is exciting but a bit scary, just because I feel like I just became a zone leader and I'm still learning alot.... But my new companions name is Elder Paki. He is from New Zealand just like my dad Elder Moore and he is the man. He only has 6 weeks left so I'm going to kill my first missionary! crazy hahaha
My old comp Elder Kubera
 And my new one Elder Paki!
We had a good week, nothing too crazy about New Years. We were so tired we fell asleep at 10:15 on New Years Eve # party animals haha But ya not much time. I'm just excited for the new year. I hope everyone else is too! I'll send some pics with this, but have a great week everyone. I love you all and I love this gospel!! 

Elder Mumford

Pictures! One of my bestfriends in the mission Elder Alonzo, who I spent 6 months on Rabi with went home this week.....  I love this guy so much, but he's actually not gone yet. He missed his flight and is still in Fiji!!! hahahahahahhahahah Love this guy